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‘Jojo Rabbit’ Review

‘Knives Out’ Review

‘Knives Out‘ is an Agatha Christie style murder-mystery movie. It follows a detective (Benoit Blanc) as he investigates the death of a renowned author, during the investigation Blanc interviews members of the author’s dysfunctional family, some of which are notorious liars. This film has many twists and turns like you would expect from the genre,Continue reading “‘Knives Out’ Review”

‘Jojo Rabbit’ Review

A movie about a young boy idolising Hitler and joining his army may not sound like the fun Saturday night film you want to sit down and enjoy, but trust me, it is. This film is a must watch. ‘Jojo Rabbit’ follows a ten year old German boy during World War II named Jojo, whoContinue reading “‘Jojo Rabbit’ Review”

‘Frozen II’ Review

One of the biggest movie streaming releases over lockdown has been ‘Frozen II‘. Unfortunately it’s not on any in the UK yet, but it can be rented on various platforms, which is how I have managed to watch this sequel to the Disney phenomenon. Following on from the events of the first film, Elsa, Anna,Continue reading “‘Frozen II’ Review”

‘Bombshell’ Review

With the current lockdown situation, and my main goal this year being to get my number of rated films on IMDb up to 1000 (only 37 left to go), I have watched a ton more films lately… And I already watched a lot… I have seen some good movies already this year, and some bad.Continue reading “‘Bombshell’ Review”

‘Moonlight’ Review

‘Moonlight‘ may have caused a lot of excitement at the 2017 Academy Awards with the big mix up (you know the one), but the film itself is anything but exciting, in fact it is the complete opposite. The film follows the character of Chiron, a young African-American gay man living in Miami. The story begins with himContinue reading “‘Moonlight’ Review”

‘La La Land’ Review

‘La La Land‘ is a the story of a Jazz musician who falls for an aspiring actress in L.A. They both are trying to achieve their dreams in a city known for destroying them, whilst keeping their relationship going. It is a hypnotising movie, that you will struggle to look away from, the visuals areContinue reading “‘La La Land’ Review”

‘Logan’ Review

I have to admit I wasn’t as excited for this release as I am for other Marvel universe films out this year, but I’m extremely glad I took the time to go see it, as ‘Logan‘ definitely exceeded my expectations. Here is my short review of the movie. Professor X is ill and Logan (Wolverine) has to takeContinue reading “‘Logan’ Review”


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